Evenin’ All – Ant needs your help

By 10th May 2017Ant News

Ant Anstead needs your help as he is looking for unusual police vehicles, anecdotes, and cars to photograph for a book about the history of British police cars. And he’s the right man for the job as he was a serving police officer before his TV career.

He launched the appeal at the Police Car UK (PC-UK) club meeting at the British Motor Museum, Gaydon.
Ant said: “Any help would be deeply appreciated. It’s going to be an epic book and researching it meant that I got to hang out with old police cars, which was very cool.”

The Museum’s Events Manager Tom Caren was pleased to help as he has a real passion for Police cars; showing a picture of his model police car collection on his phone, its great real enthusiasts are employed at the museum. Those attending Ferrari and Jaguar events running concurrently at the Museum were surprised and delighted to find 20 or so Police cars dating back to a 1931 Invicta Flying Squad car.

PC-UK was formed in 2005 and has over 120 members, the majority of whom are serving or retired Police officers keen to preserve the service’s motoring heritage in their spare time. The other vehicles present were all genuine ex-police vehicles, not film replicas, and included a black Wolseley 4/44, Jaguars Mk2, X300 and XJS (from the JDHT collection) as well as a Rover SD1, two Range Rovers, a Diplomatic Protection Group Vauxhall Omega and the Ford Heritage collection’s now almost finished Mk2 Zephyr Farnham ex Berks Constabulary motorway patrol car.

If you have any info, please contact johnlakey@gmail.com